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Israel? Palestine? Trump’s Mideast peace plan explained

their international peace plan but they’ve both got troubles at home impeachment hearings against Trump are continuing in the Senate and on Tuesday Netanyahu was formally charged with bribery and fraud but there was no mention of either of those scandals at the White House under this vision
Jerusalem will remain Israel’s undivided very important undivided capital but that’s no big deal because I’ve already done that for you right we’ve already done that but that’s okay for too long far too long the very heart of the land of Israel where our patriarch.

Israel? Palestine? Trump’s Mideast peace plan explained

sprayed our prophets preached and our kings ruled has been outrageously branded as illegally occupied territory well today mr. president you are puncturing this big lie you are recognizing Israel sovereignty over all the Jewish communities in Judea and,
Samaria large and small alike this is what Donald Trump says a future Palestinian state could look like the map he tweeted shows Palestinian areas in dark green with the West Bank and Gaza connected by a tunnel he said Eastern Jerusalem would be the capital of the state of Palestine the
Palestinians have already made it clear this isn’t a plan they’re prepared to back I would like to say to Trump and nyahu that Jerusalem is not for sale
all our rights are not for sale not for bargaining your conspiracy deal will not pass this new plan will need to move quickly Israeli officials say Netanyahu plans to ask for cabinet approval on
Sunday to make the proposed new borders a reality let’s get some perspective on this story now we have Akram Baker with us he’s a political consultant who has worked closely with Palestinian leaders.

Akram thank you for joining us here in our studios what do you make of this peace plan how does it how much does it really shift the situation well it’s not a peace plan it’s an absolute abdication of all of our Palestinian rights it is a deal done between Netanyahu and Trump which just exemplifies the right-wing extremist views that are propagated in the world today you said it’s completely denouncing essentially a Palestinian,

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